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10/1/2014Dogaustrian sheperdMClemmonsharper spring road in springfield farms View
10/1/2014DogGermans Shepard mix FWinston-SalemSabrina Lake Ct and Clemmonsville Rd View
9/30/2014CatDomestic LHMWinston-SalemHuntcliff & Peace Haven Rds View
9/29/2014CatRagdoll mixFWinston-SalemFriedburg Church Road View
9/29/2014DogGolden retriever MClemmonsTangle oak drive View
9/28/2014DogmixFOther-Please list belowStokesdale. Gideon Grove Church rd View
9/27/2014DogGerman Shepard MixFOther-Please list belowPinacle, NC - Stokes Forsyth Line View
9/27/2014DogGerman ShepherdMKernersvilleUnion Cross View
9/27/2014CatLong hairedFWinston-SalemOn carter circle off polo road. Near peace haven and polo intersection. View
9/27/2014DogBeagle MixFWinston-SalemEbert St/ Heather Hills Area View
9/27/2014Dog FWinston-SalemThe arbor- peace heaven - countrky club View
9/26/2014CatTabbyMWinston-SalemNettlebrook Dr and Cobblestone Rd View
9/25/2014Select SpeciesChichuwawaMWinston-SalemTown and country estates/ tangle lane/ briarcliff rd View
9/24/2014CatAmericanMWinston-SalemGeorgia Avenue View
9/24/2014DogGerman Shepard MBelews CreekPine Hall Road View
9/22/2014CattabbyMWinston-SalemGeorgia Avenue View
9/22/2014CatMaine CoonMWinston-SalemGlen Village subdivision, off of Glenn High Road View
9/22/2014DogLabrador RetrieverFOther-Please list belowGeorge Pierce Park Suwanee View
9/22/2014CatTabbyFWinston-SalemDover Drive and Winchelsea Road View
9/22/2014DogChesapeake Bay RetrieverFBelews Creek158 and Vance Road View
9/19/2014DogPekingeseMWinston-SalemCarver School Road and Lasley Dr View
9/18/2014CatTabbyFWinston-SalemBurke Mill Rd and Charlestowne Circle View
9/16/2014CatDomestic short hairFOther-Please list belowDarwick acres- Darwick rd View
9/15/2014DogLab MixMWinston-SalemMcDonald's on North Point Boulead and University Parkway View
9/14/2014DogGerman Short Hair PointerFRural HallGermanton Road and Stanleyville Dr. View
9/14/2014CatDSHFWinston-SalemBriar Glen Road/Ebert Road View
9/14/2014DogHuskyFWinston-SalemColiseum area View
9/13/2014DogShih-TzuFOther-Please list belowBlanton Lane, Ballground GA View
9/12/2014CatDomestic short hairFWinston-SalemMiller Street in Ardmore View
9/11/2014CatDomestic SHMWinston-SalemLeinbach Dr. and Countess Pl. View
9/11/2014Otherbird cockatooMKernersvillekernersville View
9/10/2014Catdomestic short hairMPfafftownbridle ridge dr View
9/10/2014CatDomesticMLewisvilleLewisville Trails View
9/9/2014CatDomestic LHMLewisvilleJack Warran Park View
9/8/2014Dogyorkie (Yorkshire Terrier)MWinston-SalemIndiana,Rutnah,Cherry St., Athens & Germanton Rd. Vicinity View
9/7/2014DogMixMOther-Please list belowMartin Luther King Jr. Dr. Greensboro View
9/7/2014Cat FKernersvilleHampstead and 66 View
9/7/2014Dogpit/lab mixMWalkertownBeeson Dairy Rd. View
9/7/2014DogHound/Lab MixFOther-Please list belowGumtree Rd and Old 52 View
9/7/2014CatDomestic long hairFLewisvilleConrad Sawmill and Grapevine roads View
9/5/2014DogchawuauaMWinston-Salemakron patterson ave View
9/5/2014DogPitbullMWinston-SalemE Sprague St and Sink St View
9/5/2014DogIrish WolfhoundMOther-Please list belowWallburg area - Georgetown Road View
9/4/2014DogPit BullMOther-Please list belowcorner of Red brush and I ine Ridge View
9/4/2014CatDomestic short hairMWinston-SalemHwy 52 and Sprague Street View
9/4/2014Dogmixed pointerFWinston-SalemWatson Avenue, Ardmore View
9/4/2014DogJack Russell TerrierFKernersvilleWoodfield Drive - Kensington neighborhood View
9/4/2014Dogwalker houndFKernersvilleLinville rd & Kernersville rd View
9/3/2014DogChiuauaMWinston-SalemAkron drive View
9/3/2014DogSiberian HuskyFWalkertownWalkertown Guthrie Rd View
9/3/2014Dogmixed breed of long hair dashound golden retieverMOther-Please list belowold town Rrynold Rd Area Providence Point View
9/3/2014DogpoodleMWinston-SalemBeck's Church Rd. and Murray Rd. View
9/3/2014DogBelgian Malinois (looks like a German Shepherd)MKernersvilleUnion Cross Rd / Pecan Lane View
9/3/2014DogBloodhoundFOther-Please list belowPinnacle/King Area View
9/3/2014DogBorder CollieMWinston-SalemJonestown and Country Club View
9/2/2014Otherlesser sulfur cockatooMKernersvilledobson between bodenhamer and manorwood dr View
9/2/2014Cattorte long hairFWinston-SalemBurkewood Drive View
9/2/2014OtherCockatoo ParrotUKernersvillecorner of Bodenhamer and Dobson View
9/1/2014CatTabbyMWinston-SalemMoravian Forest - Nettlebrook Drive View
9/1/2014CatdomesticMWinston-Salemmallard lakes View
8/22/2014Cat FWinston-SalemGlen Eagles Apts (Glen Eagles Dr/Braehill Blvd View
8/22/2014CatTabbyFGermantona 1/4 mile from the Hwy 65 and Rural Hall-Germanton Road intersection (between the entrances to the Twin County Estates complex) View
8/15/2014CatDomestic short hairFWinston-SalemHwy 52 and Sprague Street View
8/8/2014CatDomestic short hairFWinston-SalemHwy 52 and Sprague Street View
8/6/2014CatDSHFWinston-SalemElgin rd, in between Irving and Miller. View
8/1/2014CatTabbyFLewisvilleCorner of Meadowlark and Robinhood View
9/13/2013Dog FOther-Please list belowBlanton lane, Ballground GA View