Director's Message

It has been my great pleasure to join the staff of the Forsyth County Department of Social Services in May, 2005. I have found the staff to be dedicated professionals who are eager to provide the best service possible. And I have found the community to be vibrant, exciting and willing to work with the Department to assist all who seek our services.

The Department of Social Services has wide ranging responsibilities that produce tangible family specific and broader community results across all social, demographic and economic lines. We estimate that we served between 20-24% of the Forsyth County population with services last year. Additionally, by even conservative estimates, our department brings in over 300 million dollars that ripples many times over throughout our community. This report demonstrates our effective work to:

  • provide low income families, adults and children access to health care and food,
  • serve as legal guardians for elderly and disabled adults,
  • protect children and adults from abuse, neglect and exploitation,
  • help non disabled adults become employed and to “Work First”,
  • strengthen families whose members face serious emotional, psychological and mental health challenges,
  • care for and meet the diverse needs of approximately 400 children in our legal custody, many of whom have special needs,
  • find permanent and adoptive homes for children,
  • provide low cost, high quality in-home services for elderly and disabled adults,
  • assure quality of care for elderly and disabled patients in our nursing and rest homes, and
  • support families and individuals with legitimate emergency needs.

This is complex work and carries serious responsibility. I am well aware that the department’s job cannot be accomplished without effective partnerships. As I learn more about our community and our department you may expect that the Department of Social Services will make new efforts to define “success” and to openly dialogue with the community about our progress and our challenges.

Joe Raymond, Director