Part-Time Employee Benefits

Vacation and Sick Leave

All earned leave is pro-rated based on the number of hours you work. For example:

Vacation & Sick Leave Accrual Rate Over Time
Hours Worked Vacation Sick Leave
20 48 hours per year 48 hours per year
30 72 hours per year 72 hours per year

At the beginning of your fifth year, the vacation time you earn increases. Vacation is accumulated bi-weekly up to a maximum of 180 hours. There is no maximum accumulation for sick leave. New employees coming from participating employers of the N.C. Retirement System may be able to transfer sick leave.


Forsyth County employees receive 10 1/2 paid holidays per year.


  • Employees make 6% pre-tax contribution.
  • The County contributes on your behalf.
  • Vested after five years.

N.C. Local Government Employees Retirement System

Health Insurance

BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina's PPO plan offers the freedom to see participating doctors and specialists without authorization at low, predictable copayments and additionally, if needed, you can use doctors outside of the BCBS network and pay co-insurance. The PPO plan includes three-tier prescription drug coverage.

  • Individual coverage - $192.46 biweekly
  • Employee plus one coverage - $285.80 biweekly
  • Family coverage - $503.50 biweekly

Deferred Compensation

Allows employees to supplement retirement income by deferring a portion of current salary before it is taxed.

  • 401(k) - Prudential
    1-866-NC-PLANS (1-866-627-5267)
  • 457 - Nationwide
  • 457 - ICMA (no new enrollment)

Other Benefits


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