NC Live Downloadable eBooks

Forsyth County Public Library cardholders, under NC Live, have access to a variety of eBooks to read online or download for offline reading. Click the banner to get started.



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Frequently Asked Questions

QAre there any additional requirements to read your eBooks online?
AYou must enable cookies and JavaScript in your web browser.Top
QAre there any additional requirements to read your eBooks on an e-Reader?
AYou need to install Adobe® Digital Editions on your computer in order to view or transfer the eBook to your e-Reader. To download Adobe Digital Editions, click here.Top
QWhat e-Reader devices can be used to read your eBooks?
AA list of e-Readers and mobile phone applications compatible with Adobe Digital Editions can be found here.Top
QCan I use an Amazon Kindle to read your e-books?
AYes. Amazon Kindle Fire can be used to read our e-books via 3rd-party app. The original Kindle cannot be used to read our e-books.Top
QCan I transfer your e-books to my iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch?
ANo. However, while you cannot directly transfer our e-books to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, you may be able to use a third party application (available through Apple’s App Store) to transfer our e-books.Top
QCan I return an e-book early?
AYou can return a title only if it has not been downloaded. Once you have downloaded an e-book, it is checked out to you for the period of time selected at checkout. The title is automatically returned to the library at the end of that time period.Top
QCan I renew my e-book?
ANo. You cannot renew an e-book. However, you may be able to check it out again immediately, if it no one else has placed a hold on the title. If a waiting list exists for the title, you must place a hold on the title and join the queue.Top
QHow do I return an e-book?
AE-books are automatically returned at the end of their checkout period. However, if you have not yet downloaded a title on your bookshelf, you can click on the “Remove” button to return it.Top
QHow does borrowing a book work through Open Library?
AThe Internet Archive and participating libraries have selected digitized books from their collections that are available to be borrowed by one patron at a time from anywhere in the world for free. These books are in BookReader, PDF and ePub formats (and Daisy for the print disabled). You can choose which format you prefer as you complete the borrowing process. BookReader editions may be read online immediately in your web browser. No special software is required. Other Internet Archive loans are managed through Adobe Digital Editions which you may need to download to manage your library of borrowed books. Top
QHow do I get set up to borrow books through Open Library?
AFollow these steps:
  1. Sign up for an Open Library account
  2. Some ebooks require Adobe Digital Editions (This is where you can read the books you've borrowed, manage your current loans, or return books).
  3. Get an account(If you create an Adobe account, you can access your library from a variety of locations. If not, your loans will be tethered to a specific computer or device.)
  4. Find a book to borrow
  5. If a BookReader edition is available, you can read it instantly online in your web browser. Other formats will require that you download a file and open it in Adobe Digital Editions
  6. Enjoy!
QWhich reading devices can be used to read the eBooks borrowed through Open Library?
AOpen Library offers borrowable books in BookReader, PDF and ePub formats. BookReader editions may be read online immediately in any web browser. Downloadable eBooks are readable in Adobe Digital Editions and some other software platforms. Here is a list of supported devices on Adobe's website. ADE also provides support for Sony's Reader.Top
QHow many books can I check out at once?
AYou can borrow 5 books at a time. Each loan will expire after 2 weeks and will automatically "return" at the end of that loan period.Top
QCan I read books on my Kindle?
AYes. When you have found an eBook with the "read" icon beside it, look for the tab in the list of available formats that says, "send to Kindle." Click on that link. For older Kindles that use 3G rather than wireless technology, Amazon charges a small Personal Document fee for delivering eBooks to the Kindle. Newer Kindles like Kindle Fire that run Android software may not appear as an option when you click Send to Kindle. See’s Kindle Personal Documents Service page for more information. In all cases, downloading the MOBI format file to your computer and transferring it to your Kindle with USB is free. You can also download PDF files, transfer with USB and use your Kindle's Adobe Reader application to view them. You, however, cannot use the Kindle to borrow books from Open Library. This limitation is because Kindle uses a proprietary file format instead of the ePub format. The Kindle format is not compatible with the Adobe Digital Editions. Top
QCan I borrow books on my iPad?
AYes. You can read Open Library books using the BookReader via the Safari browser or by using a reader app like Bluefire Reader or Overdrive Media Console. Here are some step-by-step instructions on using Overdrive Media Console. 1. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the free app "Overdrive Media Console" on to your iPad 2. Find a book you'd like to borrow on the Open Library site. 3. Click on the "eBook" link under the "borrow" heading on the right 4. Log in if you have not logged in to Open Library 5. Choose one of the download options, if you have the bandwidth for larger files start with the PDF option. The only downside to this process is that books can not be returned early via Overdrive so you'll just have to let them expire. Top
QStill need help?
ADon’t worry, you can find more answers on each of these resources’ page. Alternatively, a friendly librarian can assist you. Please call 703-3007 or your local branch during open hours or ask your librarian anytime.Top