• By Amber McClure and Esmirna Esparza
  • Posted Friday, August 11, 2017

Total Solar Eclipse: Science and Practical Information

When: Wednesday, August 16, 6:30 pm at Reynolda Manor Branch Library Auditorium
2839 Fairlawn Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27106

Contact: Esmirna Esparza
Forsyth County Public Library
(336) 703-2969

On August 21st, the universe will be giving us a free and rare treat. In Winston-Salem we will get to see a solar eclipse at about 95% of totality! The Forsyth Astronomical Society will present an interesting program that will inform us of the scientific and historical significance of eclipse events in the past and also how we can prepare for the special event.

Speakers are: Roy Doron, Vice President of the Forsyth Astronomical Society and Associate Professor of History at Winston-Salem State University.
Bruce Mellin, retired lecturer of Astronomy and Earth Sciences at Northeastern University and Cambridge College.

Professor Doron will show some of the most scientifically important eclipses in history and the evolution of human understanding of the astronomical phenomenon.
Bruce Mellin will focus on the 2017 eclipse, what and how to see the eclipse - safety, travel tips, and fascinating eclipse information.

The Forsyth Astronomical Society will provide a limited number of solar eclipse viewing glasses as prizes for correct answers given and for enthusiastic questions asked during a Q&A following the presentation.
The Library will also give away NASA designed (paper) Shadow Sundials for children to take home to learn to tell the time outside on a sunny day.

Spanish interpreter will be available.