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Foreign Language Requirement? Foreign Land Travel Plans?

Posted on 1/15/2013 by Mara Lynn Newman

Foreign Language Requirement? Foreign Land Travel Plans?

Where will YOU Mango?

The Library offers FREE language learning with Mango Languages.

If you've started a new semester with a foreign language class, supplement your studies with Mango. Language learning can be fun, and Mango helps with that. An "A" is in your future.

You've started making travel plans to points far and wide on other continents. Why not learn to speak the native tongue? Read the menus and road signs? Mango makes language learning for travelers simple.

You don't have to look under any "stones" to find a language learning program that's convenient. You do have to look to the Library!

Learn more about Mango Languages straight from the source. Your Library offers this great online resource for FREE.

Find answers to frequently-asked questions about using Mango Languages. Mango features colorful (and cultural) screens, practical lessons, voice feedback, and progress at your own pace.

Once you set up your Mango account using our Online Resources page, you can continue learning a new language with the Mango App. Get started today with your Library Card and any location with a computer and internet access. After that, go mobile and enjoy your trip.

Let us know where YOU Mango!