The Lost and Found Animal Lists are provided courtesy of Forsyth County Government Online for public use. Lost animals are animals reported lost by the public. Found animals are animals that are found by the public and also animals that have been picked up by or turned in to Animal Control.

Please refer to the “Your Information” table after clicking “View” for a specific found animal to determine whether the animal is currently at FCAC or in the custody of a member of the public. Forsyth County Animal Control will be listed as the reporting party under “Your Name” if the animal is currently in FCAC custody; otherwise, please contact the person directly whose name is listed under “Your Name”.

This webpage does not current support uploading photographs for lost animals. However, any animal in the custody of FCAC will have an intake photo, which the webpage uploads automatically. If a picture has not yet been attached to the detailed screen under “View”, please be patient. A photograph will be taken as soon as possible.

Recently Lost Animals

Date Species Description Details
5/26/2016 Dog 2 medium dogs: black and white boarder collie and black mutt View
5/23/2016 Dog Chihuahua mix View
5/22/2016 Cat MH View
5/22/2016 Dog Chow View

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Recently Found Animals

Date Species Description Details
5/26/2016 Dog Mixed View
5/26/2016 DOG LABRADOR RETR View
5/26/2016 CAT DOMESTIC SH View
5/26/2016 CAT DOMESTIC SH View

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