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8/2/2015DogRat terrier mixFLewisvilleRunabout road View
8/2/2015Dogmix dalmation/borderMPfafftownreAgan high school View
8/2/2015DogLabFWinston-SalemPaula dr & clemmonsville rd View
8/1/2015Catdomestic LHMKernersvilleHopkins Rd View
8/1/2015Othercockatiel (bird)MWalkertownamber lane and new walkertown road View
7/30/2015DogRottweiler FWinston-SalemLuther Street & Konnoak Drive View
7/29/2015DogLabrador RetrieverFClemmonsFrye Bridge Road-Nestleway Drive View
7/29/2015DogChihuahua mixFPfafftownBeroth and yadkinville rd View
7/28/2015DogCoonhoundMOther-Please list belowElkin, NC View
7/28/2015DogYorkipooFWinston-SalemOld Sherwood Forest- Will Scarlet Rd View
7/28/2015DogMixedMBelews CreekBrinkley Road View
7/27/2015Cat FWinston-SalemHanes Mall Blvd View
7/27/2015DogBlue PitFWinston-SalemUnited States View
7/25/2015CatDSHMRural HallUniversity Parkway View
7/25/2015DogAlaskan HuskyFWinston-SalemNear Country Club Road View
7/24/2015DogAmerican BullyFWinston-Salempioneer trail View
7/23/2015CatDomestic SHFWinston-SalemS Main and Clemmonsville View
7/22/2015DogGerman Shepard MKernersvilleOakMont View
7/21/2015CatDomestic ShorthairMPfafftownWoodgreen Road & Greyfox Lane View
7/21/2015CatmixMKernersville2780 West Mountain Street View
7/20/2015Dogteacup yorkeFWinston-Salembedford park drive in the kernersville area View
7/19/2015DogShepard collie mixFKernersvillePiney grove rd View
7/18/2015DogLab golden retreiver mixMWinston-SalemCarlton Dr. View
7/18/2015DogChesapeake Bay RetrieverMWinston-Salemcorner of Peacehaven and Country Club View
7/18/2015CatTabbyMLewisvilleLewisville Trails neighborhood View
7/18/2015Catshort hairFWinston-SalemSwaim Rd./Pope Rd./Ebert Rd View
7/18/2015DogShorkie (Shih Tzu/Yorkie)MWinston-SalemArcadia, Farmbrooke Ln (off Hickory Tree Rd) View
7/18/2015CatCalico/Tiger Stripe MixMWinston-SalemUnion Cross Road & Ridgewood Rd. View
7/17/2015Doglooks like a small border collierMWinston-Salemjonestown and mc gregor View
7/16/2015Dog MWalkertownPine Hall Rd and Salem Chapel View
7/16/2015DogJack Russell/ Beagle mixMWalkertownPine Hall Road and Salem Chapel vicinity View
7/16/2015Cat FWinston-SalemPeters Creek Parkway & Hickory Tree Rd View
7/15/2015DogDachshundMKernersvilleBethel Church Road View
7/15/2015CatDomestic Short HairFRural Hall2245 Germanton Road View
7/14/2015DogChiuaua MKernersvilleCanterbury Estate Neighborhood View
7/14/2015DogBlack labMWinston-SalemPeace heaven near clyde drive View
7/13/2015CatGray tabbyFClemmonsPeace haven Lewisville clemmons View
7/13/2015DogLab MixMBelews CreekPine Hall Boat Access View
7/12/2015Dogcocker spanielMLewisvillewilliams road (midway ) View
7/11/2015OtherGoatMOther-Please list belowdennis rd and high slope dr. near Walnut Cove Rd View
7/10/2015DogSiberian HuskyFOther-Please list belowUnited States View
7/9/2015Dogmix lab/ bernese mountainFWinston-Salemold 109/old lexington rd View
7/9/2015Dogmixed retriever/collieMWinston-Salemold 109/old lexington rd View
7/9/2015Doglooks like a small border collierMWinston-SalemMcgregor and jonestown or peacehaven View
7/8/2015DogJack Russell /dachshund MRural HallHelsabeck and tobaccovillle rd. View
7/8/2015CatdomesticFPfafftownVienna Dozier road View
7/8/2015Cat FPfafftownvienna-dozier road View
7/8/2015DogBeagleMWinston-SalemMagnolia Sr Ardmore View
7/6/2015DogCocker SpanielMWinston-SalemAshord Drive and Hollingswood Ave View
7/6/2015DogGolden RetrieverMOther-Please list belowAdvance,NC View
7/5/2015Doglab mixFWinston-SalemBuna Vista View
7/4/2015DogLabrador mixed pitbullMWalkertowncain forest lot View
7/4/2015DogToy pooddleFWinston-SalemSalem Woods Closed to Jonestown View
7/4/2015DogSpaniel MixMLewisvilleHauser Road View
7/4/2015DogShitzuMWinston-SalemSabrina Lake Rd and Clemmonsville Rd View
7/4/2015DogMiniature Pincher MKingHwy 66 View
7/4/2015DogAmerica Fox houndFKingHwy 66 View
7/4/2015CatGrey and black stripeMLewisvilleStyers ferry and Lasley Rd View
7/4/2015DogPekingese MWinston-SalemDippen rd. View
7/4/2015DogPekingese MWinston-SalemDippen rd. View
7/4/2015DogPekingese MWinston-SalemDippen rd. View
7/4/2015DogPekingese MWinston-SalemDippen rd. View
7/4/2015DogPekingese MWinston-SalemDippen rd. View
7/4/2015DogPekingese MWinston-SalemDippen rd. View
7/4/2015DogPekingese MWinston-SalemDippen rd. View
7/4/2015DogLab MixFOther-Please list belowHigh Point - Southwest School View
7/4/2015Dog MWinston-SalemMarble St and Sprague St View
7/4/2015DogGerman Shepard MWalkertownHY 311 and Stokesburg Rd, near Walnut cove View
7/4/2015DogAustralian Shepard/Collie mixMWalkertownJones Road and Old Hollow Road View
7/4/2015Dogpittbull/labMWinston-Salemeaston neighborhood View
7/4/2015CatDomestic ShorthairMWinston-SalemRobbins Farm Way, Contour Lane, Route 66, between Davis Rd. and Baux Mountain Rd. View
7/4/2015DogAmerican BullyMTobaccovilleTobaccoville Rd toward Doral Drive View
7/4/2015DogLab/Greyhound mixFOther-Please list belowSouthern Oak Drive High Point, NC View
7/4/2015DogBeagle /dachshund mixFWinston-SalemPeacehaven, Breckenridge subdivision View
7/4/2015DogPekingese MWinston-SalemDippen rd. View
7/4/2015DogPekingese MWinston-SalemDippen rd. View
7/4/2015Dogminature doberman/chihuahua mixFWalkertownCorner of Main Street. and Friendly Street. View
7/4/2015OtherGreat DaneFKernersvilleoakridge summerfield stokesdale View
7/4/2015Doglab/bull dogMWalkertownpine hall road,cain forrest drive,ben lane View
7/3/2015DogTea Cup YorkieFKernersvilleMcConnell Landing View
7/3/2015CatANGORA/PERSIANMWinston-SalemJUNE AVE WS and surrounding area View
7/3/2015Dogaustralian shepherd mixMOther-Please list belowWalnut Cove- by Oldtown Rd View
7/3/2015DogEnglish MastiffMWinston-SalemWinston-Salem/Midway/ Hickory Tree Road View
7/3/2015DogPekingeseMWinston-SalemMarble St and waugtown St 27107 View
7/2/2015CatDomestic Short HairMWinston-Salem2013 Polo Road View
6/29/2015OtherGreen Quaker ParrotUOther-Please list belowArcadia/Lexington View
6/4/2015DogpekgineseMWalkertownUnited States View