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Report Type: Found Animal
Report Date: Monday, November 18, 2019
Report Time: 9:35 PM
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Your Name: Valerie Fricault
Main Phone Number: 3367494907
Second Phone Number:
Email Address:
Found Animal's Information
Species: Dog
Breed: Husky?
Color: black/white/tan
Sex: U
Size: Medium
Weight: thin, 50
Age: 1 year?
Date Found: 11/18/2019
Where Found: Other-Please list below
In the Vicinity of: 260 Stickney Road, Winston Salem, 27107 Union Cross area
Additional Comments: Found: Thin, young husky? Very skittish, think it has a blue collar on, will not let me get close but dog is curious and cute as a button. I left a can of dog food out and it ate. It might be under my deck , it has been standing in the middle of our road (not very busy, neighborhood road), but I have 2 dogs and they scare it.
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