Explanation of Transfer Voters, One-Stop Absentees, Mail Absentee Voters and

Provisional Ballots


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Transfer voters, one-stop absentees and mail absentee voters will be included in the UNOFFICIAL totals. The transfer voters listed on the home page are only for transfers voting at the Board of Elections office on election day. There may or may not be any of these type transfers. Precinct transfers are counted at the precincts and are not included in the separate listing titled transfer voters on the home page. One-stop absentees are absentees voted at the Board of Elections office and additional sites during the one-stop absentee period. Mail Absentee voters are mail absentees that are returned during the mail absentee period. Provisional ballots will not be included in the count on election night. They are not counted until the election canvass on the Friday after the election.


When the OFFICIAL results are posted they will include transfer voters, one-stop absentees, mail absentee voters and provisional ballots.