Frequently Asked Questions

Q My neighbors grass is high. What can be done?
AThe county does not have a grass ordinance.Top
QMy neighbor has several cars with no tags in their yard.
AYou can call Zoning at 727-2628 they handle untagged vehicles.Top
QThere is a house in my neighborhood that is in poor condition, what can be done?
AWe would need an exact street address of the property and we will send our Code Enforcement Officer out to inspect the property and if it is in violation we will be in contact with the homeowner and have a hearing to make necessary repairs.Top
QWhat type of loans do you offer?
AWe offer interest free loans that do not have to be paid back until the homeowner sells, refinances, or ceases to occupy the property.Top
QHow do I qualify?
AYou have to qualify by household size and income. (See chart).Top
QHow much money do I have to have saved?
AYou will need a $1,000 saved and will be required to take a 1 to 2-day seminar at the Center for HomeOwnership. You may call them to set up an appointment @773-0286. Get pre qualified at a local lender to see how much of a mortgage you can afford.Top
QWhat else is required?
AYou will be required to take the 8-hour Homebuyer Education Seminar at the Center for HomeOwnership prior to receiving assistance and the 2-hour Home Maintenance Class within 60 days after you close on your home. You may call The Center to register at (336) 773-0286.Top
QWhere can the homes be located?
AThe home must be located in Forsyth County.Top
QWhat types of homes are eligible for assistance?
AFor homes that will be assisted with NSP Rehabilitation/Repair, Forsyth County Department of Housing will determine whether or not the Rehabilitation/Repair is economically feasible. To inquire further, please contact our office.Top
QI believe that I may have experienced discrimination when I was looking for housing. How can I file a complaint?
AYou can file a complaint with the North Carolina Human Relations Commission. Please call the Commission at (919) 807-4420 or toll free at (866) 324-7474. For more information visit Top
QCan a housing provider refuse to rent a property to applicants because they have children?
AA housing provider cannot refuse to rent to applicants solely because they have children, unless the apartment complex meets the criteria for senior housing (55+ and 62+).Top
QIs a real estate brokerage firm in violation of the fair housing laws if one of its employees or agents commits unlawful discrimination?
QWhat happens if I file a complaint?
AIf the residential real estate is located in North Carolina, the North Carolina Human Relations Commission will investigate to determine whether unlawful discrimination has occurred.Top

Fair Housing Statement

Equal Housing OpportunityForsyth County does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, familial status, physical handicap or disability in its employment opportunities, programs, services or activities.
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