Adult Outreach

The Forsyth County Public Library offers special services to patrons who are homebound, institutionalized, or otherwise unable to visit one of our library buildings. Our Adult Outreach program provides access to library services to thousands of Forsyth County citizens who ordinarily would not be reached.

Adult Outreach serves nursing homes, rest homes, assisted living centers, independent retirement communities, and rehabilitation and correctional facilities. In total, over 50 facilities are served. The program also provides service to homebound individuals not residing in such facilities.

In addition to offering books, magazines and newspapers, Adult Outreach also provides a selection of popular movies on videocassette and audiobooks on cassette and compact disc for patrons to enjoy. There are also a variety of books and magazines in large print available for circulation. The department also loans portable cassette players to customers who desire access to our extensive collection of audiobooks.

BiFolkal Kits are unique tools offered to activity directors working with seniors. The kits contain a variety of materials and are an excellent resource to spur reminiscence and reflection. The theme-based kits include a slide show supported with narration and music, as well as carefully selected sensory activities.

For more information about Forsyth County Public Library's Adult Outreach program, call (336) 703-2903.