April 22, 2013 - Government Center - 6:00 P.M.


  1. Resolution in Honor, Recognition, Appreciation, Support and Celebration of the 105th Anniversary of the United States Army Reserve and Its Commitment, Dedication, and Service to America
  2. Approval of Closed Session Minutes for the Meetings of September 6, 2012 and September 13, 2012
  3. Approval of Releases in Accordance with G.S. 105-381
    1. Public Hearing on Special Use District - No Site Plan for John Stanley from LB-S (Services A and Services B) to LB-L (Arts and Crafts Studio; Nursery, Lawn and Garden Supply Store, Retail; Offices; Services A; Veterinary Services; Recreation Services, Indoor; Adult Daycare Center; Child Care, Drop-In; Child Care, Sick Children; Child Daycare Center; Church or Religious Institution, Community; Church or Religious Institution, Neighborhood; Government Offices, Neighborhood Organization, or Post Office; Museum or Art Gallery; and Police or Fire Station): property is located on the northeast corner of NC 66 South and Gibson Park Drive (Zoning Docket F-1538)
    2. Ordinance Amending the Forsyth County Zoning Ordinance and Official Zoning Map of the County of Forsyth, North Carolina
    3. Approval of Special Use District - No Site Plan Permit

    Persons who wish to speak concerning items on this agenda, or who wish to speak about a matter relating to County Government (other than a public hearing matter on this agenda), should call 336-422-1200 at 1:45 p.m on the day of the meeting. You will be placed on hold, and you will be recognized to speak in the order your call was received. The Chairman may limit the number of speakers on a topic relating to future advertised public hearing matters. Speakers are limited to three (3) minutes each. The public session will be limited to 30 minutes.

  5. Resolution Authorizing Execution of an Amendment to the Contract Between Forsyth County and Clark-Powell Associates, Inc. for the Purchase and Installation of an Audio-Visual Systems Package for the New Public Safety Facility (Sheriff’s Office)
  6. Resolution Authorizing the Elimination of a Vacant Full-Time N.C. Cooperative Extension Service Position in Order to Redirect Funds to Continue the Community Gardening Resource Program (N.C. Cooperative Extension Service)
  7. Resolution Authorizing and Approving the Exchange of Electronic Monitoring Equipment Including GPS Offender Tracking Device for New Equipment (Sheriff’s Office)
  8. Resolution Authorizing Implementation of the Law Enforcement Detention Center Energy Project Which was Authorized in Concept Under the 2012 Pay-Go Capital Projects Ordinance
  9. Report:
    1. Public Safety Facility Project – Monthly Change Order Report


Assistance for Disabled Persons will be Provided with 48 hours Notification to the
Clerk to the Board at (336) 703-2020.
Forsyth County Government Center, Winston-Salem, NC 27101