North Carolina Health Choice

The North Carolina Health Choice for Children program provides low cost medical insurance for children under age 19. The purpose of the program is to provide assistance to families whose income is less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Level and whose children may not be eligible for Medicaid.

Applications can be made at the following School Health Alliance Sites:

  • Mineral Springs School Health Center
    4558 Ogburn Avenue
  • Winston-Salem Prep Academy
    1215 N. Cameron Avenue
  • Ashley Elementary School
    1647 East 21st Street
  • Meadowlark Elementary and Middle Schools
    301 and 401 Meadowlark Drive
  • North Forsyth High School
    5705 Shattalon Drive
Current Income Limits
Family Size Monthly Income
2 $2,282
3 $2,862
4 $3,442
5 $4,022
6 $4,602
7 $5,182
8 $5,762

An annual premium may be charged depending upon a sliding scale based on income. The maximum premium charged to a family regardless of the number of children is $100 per year. Annual re-enrollment is necessary for continuing coverage. Any questions can be directed to Kim Collie at (336) 703-3869.

You may also apply for Family and Children's Medicaid and NC Health Choice by completing a mail-in Medicaid/NCHC Application (download in English) (download in Spanish). The completed mail-in application must be returned to the Dept. of Social Services Building at 741 North Highland Avenue or mailed to: Forsyth County Department of Social Services
P.O. Box 999
Winston-Salem, NC 27102