Though certain aspects of our lives have undoubtedly slowed down, it has been an unbelievably busy year in many other ways. We have had to learn how to lead productive lives while in the midst of a pandemic, become more devoted in our efforts to acknowledge and appreciate our differences, and still find creative ways to just relax and soak in the Summer! As you continue to move forward in life, know that FCPL is right there with you and for you. Our mission of "Leading in lifelong learning through community engagement, innovative programs and inclusion" is increasingly important to all people in the communities we serve and the responsibility that we have to fulfill it is not lost on any of our staff. We hope that you have learned and engaged with us through our innovative virtual programs and that you found the perfect read or movie for you in our collection, which has an array of diverse titles covering a host of topics. But don't worry if you haven't because the Summer is not over and even when it is...our SERVICE to you WILL CONTINUE! Stay safe and be well!


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