April 8, 2013 - Government Center - 6:00 P.M.


  1. Approval of Closed Session Minutes for the Meetings of June 7, 2012, June 11, 2012, July 19, 2012, August 2, 2012, August 9, 2012 and August 23, 2012

    Persons who wish to speak concerning items on this agenda, or who wish to speak about a matter relating to County Government (other than a public hearing matter on this agenda), should complete a speaker card and hand it to the Clerk before the meeting begins. It is not necessary to complete a card if you are going to speak about a public hearing matter on this agenda. The Chairman may limit the number of speakers on a topic relating to future advertised public hearing matters. Speakers are limited to three (3) minutes each. The public session will be limited to 30 minutes.

  3. One (1) Appointment to the APPEARANCE COMMISSION, WINSTON-SALEM/FORSYTH COUNTY, Three-Year Term, Expiring February 2016 [Capacity: Open] [Continued from Meeting of March 25, 2013 Due to a Tie Vote]
  4. Resolution Approving Refunds by the Tax Assessor/Collector in the Amount of $144.86
  5. Reports:
    1. Appropriation Transfers Report for March 2013
    2. Human Resources Report for the Month of February 2013
    3. Financial Report for the Quarter Ended December 31, 2012
    4. Tax Assessor/Collector’s Refund Report (Under $100.00)
    5. Tax Assessor/Collector’s Monthly Financial Report Dated February 2013


Assistance for Disabled Persons will be Provided with 48 hours Notification to the
Clerk to the Board at (336) 703-2020.
Forsyth County Government Center, Winston-Salem, NC 27101