Step 1: Application

Download and Print Application. Complete all forms. The Volunteer Agreement and Waiver form must be notarized. Return all completed forms to: Sheriff’s Citizens Patrol
Forsyth County Sheriffs Office
120 West 3rd Street
Winston-Salem,N.C. 27101
Office: (336) 917-7301

Step 2: Application Review

Your application will be reviewed by the SCP staff. All areas must be completed or have a N/A placed for Not Applicable information in order to be processed.

Step 3: Character Reference

A minimum of 3 character references must be provided on the application. Failure to provide complete address and telephone number for references will result in application being denied.

Step 4: Interview and Fingerprint

Upon verification of three positive character references, applicants will be contacted by SCP staff to establish a time for an interview with the Volunteer Coordinator and finger printing in the Identification and Latent Print Unit.

Step 5: Acceptance or Non-Acceptance

All applicants will be notified by mail of their acceptance or non acceptance to the program. Please note under “Terms and Signature” section of the application, an applicant will release the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office from providing a reason for denial to the program.

Participation in other Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office programs does not guarantee acceptance to the SCP program. If accepted, you will be required to attend a 40-hour comprehensive Sheriff’s Citizens Training Academy.

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