An Air Quality Permit may be required if your business, facility or activity emits a regulated air pollutant into the outside air. If you intend to construct a facility or install a device that can emit pollutants into the air, you first may be required to apply for and obtain a permit.

You may need a permit if you:

  • construct, operate, or modify a source of air pollution that emits sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, particulate matter, volatile organic compound, or lead, all of which are subject to National Ambient Air Quality Standards.
  • construct, operate, or modify a source that emits hazardous or toxic air pollutants, such as arsenic, asbestos, chromium, benzene, ethylene oxide, hydrogen chloride, or benzene (this list is NOT exhaustive).
  • combust fuels
  • burn materials
  • apply coating(s) to products
  • make asphalt, cement, paint, or inks
  • process metals or foodstuffs

The rules for determining whether an Air Quality Permit is required are in Section 3Q .0100 of the Forsyth County Air Quality Technical Code (FCAQTC). Companies that are uncertain about whether they need to have an Air Quality Permit are encouraged to contact us for an applicability determination.

Permits are not optional.
It is important that you determine whether your business, facility or activity requires a permit. Companies that don’t have a required Air Quality Permit can be fined up to $25,000 for each violation and are required to pay back fees.

We are ready to help you with this.
Our staff is ready to help you. We can make an applicability determination for your business, facility, or activity. There is no charge or fee for making this. If you have any questions, need additional information, or would like us to make an applicability determination, please contact the Permitting Manager by email or by telephone at (336) 703-2440.

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