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Published 9/13/2018 by Jenny Boneno

Everyday, while working the circulation desk, a patron will ask, “Tell me about a good book you’ve read lately.” or “Do you have any suggestions?” As a mom of two, young boys, I read my fair share of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dog Man with my fourth grader, and Dr. Seuss and early readers with my first grader. Somehow, I don’t think those types of books are what most folks want. By the time I have a chance to read most nights, I read two pages and I’m down for the count. So right now I’m reading lighter fair; books that are easy to pick up and put down as well as some non-fiction. Here are a few I’ve enjoyed lately:

The Tuscan Child b?y Rhys Bowen
Rhys Bowen’s The Tuscan Child tells the story of Sofia, who has returned home to England to plan her father’s funeral. They’ve been estranged for many years and while going through his personal effects, she discovers more about him that she ever knew. Her discoveries take her to Italy to unravel more of her father’s past and to hopefully, heal old wounds. This is a more serious turn for Bowen who is also known for other great series works including Her Royal Spyness, Molly Murphy, and Constable Evans. If you haven’t already, give Rhys Bowen a try!

Broad Band: The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet ?by Claire L. Evans
I have to admit that when I started this book, I didn’t know much about the history of the internet. I have never been a programmer or coder. In library school, the internet was so clunky and slow I NEVER thought it would be a thing. Am I dating myself here, or what? Evans does a great job of telling the stories of these female trail-blazers. Her easy, engaging, and journalistic-style of writing tells stories of the female programmers, organizers, developers, coders, and designers who shaped the way we use the internet. It’s a fascinating and enjoyable read. If you liked Hidden Figures o? r Rocket Girls, ?give Broad Band ?a try!

The Music Shop b? y Rachel Joyce
The Music Shop takes you right back the the 80s, like it or not. I love it! Set in 1988, Frank is a record shop owner who knows the perfect music for every customer. A gathering place of music lovers and loners, Frank’s shop brings them together. Frank meets Ilse, who asks him to teach her about music. Afraid of being close to anyone, they both must overcome their emotional baggage to connect. The Music Shop is a wonderful story about friendship, love, and the healing power of music.