The Carolina Field of Honor is a permanent reminder of the sacrifice of our service members, a place to reflect on the freedoms they have secured and a community’s collective way of show its heartfelt gratitude. Funding for the memorial was made possible by the War Memorial Foundation.

The memorial includes:

  • A 57-foot Granite Obelisk
  • Flags representing the United States, North Carolina, POW, and service branches
  • 5 large, granite monuments representing the 5 branches of the military
  • A 2-tier water feature
  • The Meandering Walkway with educational sign posts
  • The Remembrance Walkway featuring personalized bricks
  • The Historical Flag Walk
  • Handicap parking and drop-off

Support the Carolina Field of Honor by buying a brick to be displayed in the Remembrance Walkway. Call The War Memorial Foundation 336.851.0999 for more information.