Forsyth County Attorney

The Office of the Forsyth County Attorney:

  1. Provides prompt, accurate, comprehensive legal advice and assistance.
  2. Engages County Departments and works cooperatively to:
    1. Draft and revise legal documents
    2. Research legal issues
    3. Litigate cases
    4. Provide advice on legal implications of actions
    5. Review and revise ordinances, statutes, policies, procedures.
  3. Continuously improves the efficient, effective delivery of legal services.
  4. Represents the Board of Commissioners capably and preserves its authority.

The attorneys in the Office are at 2 locations:

Government Center (providing legal services to all County Departments)

  • B. Gordon Watkins III, County Attorney
  • Lonnie G. Albright
  • Frederick L. Johnson
  • Gloria L. Woods

DSS Building (representing DSS in child support and child welfare matters)

  • Theresa A. Boucher
  • Erica Glass
  • John L. McGrath
  • Twanda M. Staley
B. Gordon Watkins III

B. Gordon Watkins III
Forsyth County Attorney