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Adult Services

Services that decrease recidivism and various services
for older adults and individuals with disabilities.
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What is Guardianship? Guardianship is a legal relationship in which the Clerk of Superior Court authorizes someone (the guardian) to be a substitute decision-maker for an incompetent adult (the ward).
Adult guardianship provides the following resources to adults:

  • Planning and coordination of housing or placement to a facility or least restrictive living arrangement.
  • Consent for medical treatment/procedures apart from the end of life. Decisions are made in consultation with experts (physicians, psychologists, attorneys, etc.).
  • Collaborating and coordinating with hospitals for safe discharge planning.
  • Monitoring and coordinating services with partner agencies.
  • Monitoring services provided at facilities by attending care plan meetings.
  • Working to assist with meeting general basic needs for one's safety and well-being.
To be eligible for this program, a person has been declared mentally incompetent by the court and has no one else willing or able to serve as guardian. The Forsyth County Dept. of Social Services will serve as the person's public guardian.

To those interested in applying for this program may contact the Forsyth County Department of Social Services at 336-703-3501.

Adult In-Home Services provides assessment, counseling, case management, and supportive services to older adults (age 60 years and older) and adults (age 18 years and older) with disabilities and their families. The goal is to assist individuals in remaining safely in the home and functioning as independently as possible.

What does the Social Worker do?
Adult In-Home Services social workers work closely with other Forsyth County agencies to coordinate and monitor services for older adult clients, including:

  • Adult Day Care/Adult Day Health
  • Meals-on-Wheels
  • In-Home Aide
In-Home Aide Services include basic housekeeping, laundry, light meal preparation, bill paying, and transportation for medical appointments and essential errands. Due to the demand for In-Home aide Services, you may have to wait on a waitlist.

For more information, please contact Adult Intake Services at (336) 703-3501.

Adult Medicaid provides healthcare coverage for qualified adults who are 65 or older, blind or disabled (permanently or totally disabled for at least twelve months). Medicaid programs range from full to partial benefits based on income, age, health needs, resources, and other eligibility requirements. Medicaid may help pay for the costs of nursing homes, intermediate care, and long-term care in the home. Additionally, eligible Medicaid beneficiaries may also receive cash payments from the Special Assistance program.

If you want to provide any information for your pending application or case, please email it to

Telephone: Call Center Number 336-703-3800.


Visit the ePASS site to sign up for various economic services. Or scan the QR code to access to the ePASS site.

Adult Protective Services (APS) evaluates reports of abuse, neglect, or exploitation of disabled adults. Our mission is to keep North Carolina's most vulnerable adults safe from mistreatment.

APS criteria includes:

  • Adult with an incapacitating disability
  • Alleged maltreatment: Caregiver abuse/neglect; self-neglect; exploitation
  • Current and continued need for protection
What does the Social Worker do?
  • Face-to-face unannounced visit(s) to the adult
  • Evaluating the need for protective services
  • Working with the adult, family, and multi-disciplilnary providers to secure needed essential services for the adult, such as food, safe housing, or medical care.
  • Planing with and supporting the adult and the family or caregiver to identify, remedy, and prevent problems that result in abuse, neglect, or exploitation.
  • Reporting evidence of mistreatment to the District Attorney and regulatory agencies; court action is initiated as necessary to protect the adult with a disability
To get more information, call (336) 703-3503 or fax (336) 727-8491.

Any person suspecting a disabled adult of being abused, neglected, or exploited is mandated to make a report to Adult Protective Services. The identity of each reporter is kept confidential by law. To report suspected adult abuse, neglect, and/or exploitation, dial 336-703-3503.

The Assisted Living Services Unit includes Adult Care Licensing & Monitoring, Placement Services, and the Special Assistance In-Home Program. The Forsyth County Adult Division is responsible for providing an Adult Home Specialist to monitor facilities to ensure Forsyth County residents receive the care required by state standards. Social Workers also help aging or disabled individuals who have no one available to assist them in finding facility placement. Social Workers serve residents 18 years of age and older, who are physically and/or mentally disabled, and need services to enable them to remain in their homes.

Social workers in the Assisted Living Services Unit provide:

  • Routine Monitoring
  • Complaint Investigation
  • Help to locate and secure placement in a suitable setting and level of care
  • An alternative to placement in County facilities for individuals who could live safely in their homes with additional support
Updated Licensed Care Facilities in Forsyth County.

For more information, call Forsyth Department of Social Services Adult Intake at 336-703-3501.

For more information on licensed facilities in NC, go to the Department of Health Services Regulation website at

Bridges to Hope brings organizations together in one space. Services will be provided at no cost to individuals and families experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault, child maltreatment, elder abuse, and human trafficking.

Service Hours: Monday- Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Phone: (336) 776-3255

Visit Bridges to Hope's website.

Forsyth Tech has teamed up with WinstonNet to bring FREE digital literacy classes to residents in Forsyth and Stokes counties.

Learn more on how to sign up and verify eligibility on our flyer.

The Family and Children's Medicaid programs provide healthcare coverage for qualifying citizens of North Carolina who meet income guidelines and other eligibility criteria. Depending upon the circumstances, applications may be eligible for a specific program within various Medicaid services, including Medicaid for Infants and Children and Medicaid for Pregnant Women.

If you want to provide any information for your pending application or case, please email it to

Telephone: Call Center Number 336-703-3800.

To persons who have had or may in the future have their Medicaid benefits terminated or reduced in North Carolina; please read the following: Notice to Class


Visit the ePASS site to sign up for various economic services. Or scan the QR code to access to the ePASS site.

The If Only Program is a gift fulfillment program for older adults with limited financial resources. This resource was made available to the community using the proceeds from a generous gift Mr. O. Moser, a former resident of Forsyth County. Working with businesses in Forsyth County this program is managed through the Adult Services Division of the Department of Social Services. For details about the If Only Program including eligibility criteria and application materials, visit our If Only webpage.

The Forsyth County Stepping Up Initiative houses two programs: Stepping Up Process to End Recidivism (SUPER) and the Mental Health Court (MHC).

  • The SUPER program provides screening, transition planning, peer support, and case management to persons who have mental health or substance use disorders. The program focuses on mena nd women who have criminal justice involvement. We also assist those who may not have any legal issues.
  • The MHC Program is a court supervised treatment program for people who have been identified as having a mental illness, pending charges, and have agreed to participate in the program. MHC is a pre-plea court that links eligible defendants to treatment and support services that help them better manage their mental health.
For additional information, contact 336-703-2606, or visit the Stepping Up Initiative website.

Social Workers in the Employment Center work with any DSS customer who has an employment need such as:

  • Thorough Social Work assessments of customer's strengths/needs in the areas of employment, family issues, health/mental health needs, etc.
  • Computer Lab use for things such as: resume assistance, access to job leads, job searching, mock interviews, hiring evetns with local employers, and workshops.
  • Explaining and enrolling Food and Nutrition Services recipients in the Food and Nutrition Services Employment and Training Program.
For more information, call Employment Services at 336-703-3800.

  • Work First and Employment Services
    • Work First Family Assistance provides temporary cash assistance to families in need. Services are available to applicants and recipients of Work First to address individual needs relating to employment, remove barriers to success, and work toward independence and self-sufficiency.
  • Work First Emergency Assistance
    • Social Workers evaluate and, if appropriate, assist customers with sporadic emergency needs such as rent and utility bills and refer them to Community Resources.
All Work First Programs require a related child in the home under 18 years old, meeting income guideline, among other requirements.


Visit the ePASS site to sign up for various economic services. Or scan the QR code to access to the ePASS site.

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