• By Rodney Overman
  • Posted Friday, June 12, 2009

EMS Presents First “EMS Hero Award”

Isaac BoyceFive-year-old Isaac James Boyce, and his father Rodney, have played “Paramedic” since Isaac was old enough to walk and talk. His father would place an ironing board flat on the floor to simulate a stretcher and lay on it so Isaac could take care of him just as the “big Paramedics” would. Isaac and his Dad would frequently visit local Fire and EMS stations for tours.

On February 4th, Isaac awoke around 6:00 AM and went into his father’s bedroom to wake him up. His father would not wake up and Isaac quickly realized that he was not breathing. Isaac alerted his mother and immediately began performing CPR on his father. 9-1-1 was called and the Winston-Salem Fire Department and Forsyth County EMS responded to find Mr. Boyce pulseless with CPR being performed.

After the Paramedics arrived, Isaac began to comfort his mother. Isaac’s actions throughout the incident were not only courageous, but demonstrated maturity beyond his years. Unfortunately, resuscitative efforts were not successful.

On June 4th, Forsyth County Manager Dudley Watts, FCEMS Director Dan Ozimek and FCEMS Compliance Officer Rodney Overman presented Isaac with the first ever Forsyth County EMS Hero Medal, a Honorary FCEMS Paramedic Certificate and a FCEMS Uniform Hat embroidered with his name. The presentation took place in the presence of his family and classmates at the Sunshine House school on Polo Road.
Isaac Boyce

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