• By Don Dwiggins
  • Posted Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Epic Failure Proves to be a Big Success

On one hand there is failure; your car battery going out on your way to an errand; making an error in a softball game; or forgetting a meeting. On the other there is epic failure; your car battery going dead on the way to a job interview; making an error in a softball game that leads to the winning run; or forgetting a meeting with your boss.

In the case of a new rock band of made up of local teens and near teens, epic failure denotes their name and has absolutely nothing to do with their talent or the success they have experienced as a group.

In a recent garage band competition held by the Library’s Teen Central department, Epic Failure was voted first place by other teens in attendance. What was the motivation behind starting a band? How did they come up with Epic Failure as a name for the band? What artists do they enjoy playing? For the answers to these and other questions about Epic Failure we invite you to view a recent interview the band gave Teen Central Coordinator Meg Harrison.

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