• By Jason Alston
  • Posted Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sheet Music & Song Books added to Catalog

For some time, librarians in the Information Services department of Central Library have fielded questions from customers searching for sheet music. Unfortunately, while these librarians had plenty of sheet music to offer to patrons, these inquiries were often difficult to answer because there was never a specific way to compile a list of the sheet music Central offered.

Thankfully, those days are now over.

Now it’s possible to find song books in our collection by performing a subject search for “sheet music” in the online catalog. Customers performing this search will find over 300 titles of song books full of pieces that they can learn to sing or play with an instrument.

Customers will find song books for many popular genres, including rock, pop, soul, classical, jazz, country, Christian, and folk. Hits from widely known and respected artists such as Led Zeppelin, the Jackson 5, Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks, Patsy Cline and many more are just waiting to be checked out.

There are also many anthologies, including ones for love songs by decade and greatest hits by decade. Music for special occasions like Christmas, weddings, church services and children’s functions are also available.

And the song books range in level of difficulty. There are song books that feature easy-to-play tunes for the beginner, while the seasoned musician will find more complex pieces to master.

Most of our song books are geared towards guitar and piano players, as well as singers, but there are a few tailored towards other instruments.

Those wishing to locate song books with a specific focus or containing the work of a certain artist should use the “advanced search” feature and enter “sheet music” as their subject term while entering the name of the artist, genre, or other focus as a keyword.

For more information, call Information Services at (336) 703-3020.

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