• By Jazmine Kilpatrick
  • Posted Monday, March 11, 2013

White Oak Tree Fell Due to Strong Winds

On the afternoon of the 6th of March, 2013, Tanglewood Park lost one of its great features. The large majestic White Oak Tree, affectionately known as the “Wedding Tree”, located near the Tanglewood Manor House, fell over in strong winds. While her exact age is not certain, we estimate the tree could be as much as 400 years old. In all of her beauty and grandeur, she stood 118’ tall, had a crown/limb spread of 130’ feet and, a trunk circumference of 19 feet which equates to a diameter of just over 6’ feet. We marvel to think of all of the generations and historical events that the “Wedding Tree” saw come and go.

The bad times of many wars, famine, and depression, and the good times of many celebrations, births, and yes weddings were seen over the course of her life. We are also in awe of the resilience that she had. Through hard winters, hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, drought, and everything Mother Nature had to throw at her, she stood strong throughout the test of time. As we walked or drove past her daily we came to take for granted the awesome, picturesque beauty, and overall massive size that the Oak possessed.

Many portraits, picnics, and other ceremonies took place beneath her outstretched limbs. The Tanglewood family mourns the loss of our friend. We do however celebrate the life of this grand tree and the joy and tranquility that it brought to so many people. As we look to start the cycle of life over by planting another white oak in her place, we will miss the “Wedding Tree”. The memories that it brought will be cherished. We would like to say thank you to our friend for being there over the years as a wonderful symbol of the park.

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