• By Zuri Davenport
  • Posted Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Database Top Picks from the Cultural Diversity Committee

The Cultural Diversity Committee is in charge of hosting a variety of culturally diverse programs for the community. The committee is also in charge of promoting diversity within the staff of Forsyth County Public Library and with patrons. Here, we have highlighted some of the very best culturally diverse databases that our library has to offer. To get a full list of all of our wonderful databases, please go to our Online Resources Page.

African American Poetry: This database is great of the history buff poet. Our African American Poetry database features over 3,000 poems from African American poets in the 18th and 19th centuries. This poetry from the antebellum period showcases life as an African American during these times. Whether it is the poetry of captured and enslaved Phillis Wheatley or freed Pennsylvanian George Boyer Vashon, this database is sure to draw you into the lives of African Americans during this period.

Culture Grams: Traveling abroad or in the states, CultureGrams is where you want to start to get packaged information about different countries and states. CultureGrams can be used for a person traveling to an unfamiliar country or for the student doing a school project on foreign lands both inland and overseas. This great database breaks down statistics and gives in depth descriptions of culture and societal environments of these countries. The Kid’s Edition also gives the same information as the traditional CultureGrams but on a 3rd-5th grade reading level.

Mango Languages: Learning a new language can not only be difficult but also time consuming. Never fear for Mango Languages is here! This great database is a free way to learn over 60 different languages. Once signed in and registered, you will be able to select the language you wish to study and you are off and running with step by step instruction on pronunciation, spelling, and sentence construction. Still don’t feel like you have time? Do worries! Download their mobile app here. Also be on the lookout for Mango Languages latest feature Mango Premiere which will feature movies that are subtitled in a way to assist in your overall language learning experience.

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