• By Don Dwiggins
  • Posted Thursday, October 19, 2017

Friends of the Central Library Fall Book Sale

Thousands of books, magazines, CDs, records, DVDs and more items that have been donated by private individuals and public and academic libraries. Large inventory of academic books, classics and many works of historical interest. Good selection of books on art and photography, collectibles and antique books. Numerous books in spanish and other languages. Huge childrens and teen selections.Shelves are re-stocked daily.

Free to the public. Dealers and resellers will be charged a fee at the door.

For more information please call 336 761-0736. or e-mail Friends of the Central Library.

BONUS SALE! All remaining items 1/2 price or $5 per bag on Friday and Saturday only.

Final sale at 590 N. Marshall Street. Lower entrance. Free parking on Spruce street across from First Baptist Church children's playground.

All proceeds benefit the Central Library and its programs including the Children's Summer Reading program.

Friday, November 10th Noon to 7 pm
Saturday, November 11th 9 am to 5 pm
Sunday, November 12th Noon to 5 pm
Friday, November 17th Noon to 5 pm
Saturday, November 18th 9 am to 5 pm

One Last Hurrah

The volunteers of the Friends of the Central Library are preparing for the last Big Book Sale at 590 N. Marshall Street on November 10,11, 12,17 & 18. We have been fortunate to be housed in this location for three years while the Central Library was having a complete makeover.

So let’s recap on some of the interesting moments of book sales at 6th & Marshall.

The Friends volunteers have been doing an exceptional job of sorting books into categories that guide our guests as they saunter through the rooms during the book sale. Our customers find books that bring back many pleasant memories they wish to share with their friends and children.

We are honored and grateful for our devoted book donors, who trust us to sell their treasured collections to appreciative buyers. It often happens that on the first day of the sale, hours before the doors open, a donation of books arrives and our wonderful volunteers set tirelessly to work to categorize them properly.

Speaking of the day of the book sale, two hours prior to the door opening, the volunteers find regular or frequent book dealers with their trusted boxes and scanners in hand waiting for the doors to open to have first pick of book selections. They rush in to respectfully pay the required dealers’ fee, and proceed to the sections of their choice.

Before long the faithful customers we call the Book Angels arrive and fill 8 to 10 boxes of children books for convalescent youth in local hospitals. The Sunday School teachers, home school teachers and tutors, refresh books for their children’s, church or day care library.

The Dedicated Local College Students arrive looking for textbooks, reference books, memoirs, and biographies to aid in term papers. Then, they glance through the shelves for relaxing materials of Sci-Fi, Prolific and Mystery novels.

Suddenly, a joyful noise of glee is heard in one of the book sections as a guest finds a book he /she has been seeking.

We are overjoyed with the traveling guests who notice the book sale signs and stop to browse. They purchase 3 to 4 bags of books and are delighted to pack their vehicles as they continue on their journey.

Not to forget the endearing spouses, that wait patiently while their mates browse throughout the sale.

On the last day of each sale, with the purchase of a bag of books for $5.00, we see repeated guests, book dealers, retired teachers and professors, and of course the little lady with her modest smile, who walks from a nearby adult assisted living facility to fill her carts with novels, biographies and classics.

Nearing the closing hour of each book sale, a volunteer finds a few guests scooted in the corners reading the last few chapters of their favorite novel, because they are a few pennies short of purchasing the book. So a deal between the guests and the volunteers ends with the guests enjoying their book in the comforts of home, and the volunteers are pleased to end the sale with a smile, knowing the proceeds are going toward the new Central Library’s Children’s and Teen’s Departments’ collection, equipment and programming.

Though the November sale will be the last on N. Marshall Street, our book sale will be ongoing, gracing the shelves to either side of the entrance to the beautiful new facility.

So book donors, please continue to give generously of your treasured books. And, many, many thanks to the faithful and dedicated Friends volunteers who will continue to be of service to the Central Library.

The last day for donations to be accepted at the EAB is Oct. 30. After that donations may be taken to the Central Library.

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