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  • Posted Friday, December 20, 2019

Handmade Quits on Exhibit at Walkertown

An exhibit of handmade quilts by quilting teacher Toni Morgan will be on display through the end of December at the Walkertown Branch Library. Morgan is the owner of Toni’s Total Quilting and teaches quilting at Enon Baptist Church in East Bend, N.C.

Below is a transcript of an interview on Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019 at the Walkertown Branch Library with Toni Morgan by Natalia Tuchina, Branch Manager.

Natalia Tuchina: Would you please introduce yourself and the group you represent?

Toni Morgan: My name is Toni Morgan. I teach quilting at Enon Baptist Church in East Bend. I have a student count of about 15. Ten of those students have been with me for 10 years. Our goal is to share the art of quilting.

When I first moved here, I thought this would be quilting Mecca, but I kept hearing “Well, my grandmother quilted...”

I teach quilting on the machine only. We learn a lot of different techniques, and we don't just do quilt after quilt. We do wall hangings, purses, anything that interests my group. I also take them on field trips. We go to quilt shops, to quilt shows, or we just go to a church that might be displaying stained glass. We might see if we want to take that stained glass image and apply it to a quilt.

The other thing we do that we are really proud of is our ministry in the church. If someone has a fire in the area, we endeavor to have one queen and 3 twins sized quilts available on hand at any one time. It is our way of giving back to the community..

Tuchina: When did you start quilting?

Morgan: My mother passed away in 2000. I started quilting in 2001. Of course, I wish I had listened to my mother when she was trying to teach me to quilt at age 15 because she was a wonderful quilter. She started me out on a Cathedral Window. And if you don't know what pattern that is, it is a lot of hand work. I completed a very small amount and then told my Mom not to waste her time. I was going to marry me a man who could buy my quilts. So cocky at 15. My quilting career just evolved. I am in a different place in my quilting than I was in 2001. Not only got hooked on quilting as a pleasurable hobby but I now teach quilt classes, teach at quilt retreats, and lecture at quilt guilds. The quilt world keeps me busy.

Well, after my mother passed away, I started quilting the next year. It just blossomed from there. Not only did I get hooked, but I lecture at different guilds as well as teach. And I hold quilt retreats as well.

Tuchina: How does quilting make you feel?

Morgan: I never thought I was an artist, but when I have a piece of fabric in my hands, I feel like one. I can bring colors and patterns together. It makes me feel good that I can produce something that is not only lovely to look at, but warm when it's on the bed as well.

Tuchina: And quilts can be useful, right?

Morgan: Quilts are very useful. Not only are they beautiful to look at but some quilts have history, especially older quilts. There are modern quilters today that think quilting is something new when in actuality, quilts have been around for generations. And art quilts have opened up a whole new arena in the quilt world today.

Tuchina: Where do someone find materials?

Morgan: Fabric is purchased mainly at quilt shops but there are other sources available as well. You can purchase fabric online as well. I like to touch and feel any fabric that I purchase, so I mainly stay with quilt shops or any other store that may carry quilting fabric. Because I have a business license, I can purchase fabric at wholesale prices. I take my class to a warehouse of fabric twice a year and let them purchase what they want but have the advantage of prices being slightly lower than a quilt shop. A quilter always wants a bargain and not spend a lot of money on fabric. It's a hobby that does not come cheap. But there is no hobby that isn't expensive. And you get such pleasure out of a beautiful quilt or wall hanging. If you can sew a straight line, you can quilt.

Tuchina: What are some other locations where you have displayed quilts?

Morgan: We displayed at the Lewisville Library and at Enon Baptist Church over the pews. We invite the public to come in and it’s free of charge.

Tuchina: Thank you very much. How can people contact you?

Morgan: By email quiltlady92565@gmail.com or by phone. The number is available at the library.

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