• By Leslie Peck
  • Posted Thursday, February 25, 2021

Soil Testing Kits Available in the Demonstration Garden

Visit our Demonstration Gardens and pick up your free kit, take it home, collect your soil, and mail it to Raleigh for analysis! Read on for details.

We have set up a station for picking up soil testing kits in our Demonstration Garden. The kits include 3 items:

  • A brochure about how to test your soil
  • A form to include with your soil test boxes (there’s a form for home gardeners or one for farmers)
  • The soil testing boxes

To pick up your kit, visit our office at 1450 Fairchild Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27105 . Drive to the east end of our parking lot. Kits are available in the brochure holder below our Demonstration Garden sign. Please close the lid to protect the papers from the weather! And don’t forget, all visitors to county buildings are asked to wear a mask.

After you collect your soil samples, you will need to mail them to the NCDA’s soil testing lab in Raleigh – see your form for the address. Tests are $4 each Thanksgiving through March 31 and free April 1 through Thanksgiving. They will email you the test results. If you can’t find that email, use this website to search for your soil test. If you need help interpreting a soil test report, contact your local Extension Agent .

For more up-to-date information visit https://forsyth.ces.ncsu.edu/2021/02/soil-test-kits/.

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