• By Phyllis B. Smith
  • Posted Sunday, September 20, 2020

Get Ready for TACO Week!

Take a Child Outside Week starts on Thursday! This annual event takes place each year from Sept. 24-30. Providing simple activities to create opportunities for children to have free play outside is the primary goal of this event, something we need now more than ever! Take the next few days to plan some activities that will make your TACO week fun and meaningful. Need some ideas? Sarah Carrier, Ph.D., associate professor of science education at NC State University, has compiled a list of simple activities that parents and caregivers can do on their own – in the backyard or at a local park - to help connect children with nature and alleviate stress. The seven suggestions made by Carrier fit nicely into the seven days of TACO week. For details, see Backyard Activities Can Provide Educational Respite From Cabin Fever During Coronavirus Outbreak by Janice Bowen, and start gathering materials to facilitate a scavenger hunt, make leaf rubbings, or learn about animal behavior. Put a special spin on the “Make Observations Using Your Senses” activities by planning an outdoor meal and engaging the sense of taste with some taco treats to go along with TACO week!

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