FCPL Teen Programs


#EPICReads Virtual Book Club

Published by Jacquelyn White / November 19, 2020

This book club is made for teens who love to read as much as I do and I'm making it easy to join me by making it virtual. Click through for details.


Writing Wednesday Tips for Teens - Week 5

Published by Jacquelyn White / November 18, 2020

National Novel Writing Month takes place throughout November. The goal? Write a least a 50,000 word first draft of a novel. This year I asked local Young Adult author, Frank Morelli, to share some tips and tricks for our aspiring teen authors.


Mad Hatter's Virtual Book Club for Teens

Published by Mia Jordan / October 1, 2020

The Mad Hatter's Book Club meets virtually via Zoom. The participants (ages 12-18) research whatever they want related to a chosen topic. They could read fiction or nonfiction books, watch movies, read news articles, etc. We then discuss what we found out at our meeting. There is no pressure to speak. Be sure to wear a funny hat if you have one!

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