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-deleted-Northwest Child Development Advisory Council


There is in each county in which the Corporation conducts child development programs, a County Child Development Committee which will elect members to the Board of Directors of the Corporation and advise the Board of Directors concerning the operation of programs of the Corporation.


The number of members on each County Committee shall not be less than 9 or more than 21. At least one-third (1/3) of the County Committee shall consist of local publicly elected officials or the principal officers (or designated representatives) of public agencies concerned with welfare of children (Department of Social Services, Department of Health, Board of Education, and Mental Health Authority).
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At least one-third (1/3) members shall be parents or guardians of children eligible to be served by programs conducted by the Corporation. Remaining members shall be persons recommended by private agencies and organizations concerned with welfare of children.
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Initially, two (2) members serve for 1-year terms, two (2) for 2-year terms, and one (1) for 3-year term, such terms beginning on last Tuesday in July (7-27-76). Upon expiration of initial terms, each member or his replacement shall serve staggered 3-year terms.


Fourth Monday of each month - 12:15 p.m. - Northwest Child Development Offices - 530 N. Spring Street, Winston-Salem, NC

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