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Computer ABC's

Posted on 8/21/2014 by Denise McKoy

Computer ABC

When you sit in front of a computer, do you feel nervous and jittery inside? Do you want to know a little about how a computer works? Do you need practice using a mouse-the computer device, not the animal? Is it a challenge navigating on a website? Computer ABC's is the workshop for you! Remember Wednesday, September 2nd at 2pm and Thursday, September 3rd at 2pm, are the dates for the computer workshop.

In this two day session, learners will be able to:

  • define and understand basic parts of a computer
  • have an overall understanding of the keyboard functions
  • understand basic windows environment and navigate the desktop
  • perform a basic internet search using search engines (i.e. Google and online library) resources
  • feel greater confidence in their own personal computer skills

Register by calling 703-2970
Rural Hall Branch
7125 Broad St.
Rural Hall, NC 27045