Triad Park Rules and Regulations

  1. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in County Parks with the exception of a paid reservation at Woodland Hall Banquet Facility.
  2. Dogs must be on leash at all times. Please be considerate and pick up your dog's excrement on park grounds. Horses are not permitted.
  3. Metal detectors or motorized equipment are not permitted. It is unlawful to operate go-carts, motorized trail bikes, mini bikes, all terrain vehicles, etc. on park grounds.
  4. Picnic tables may not be moved. A maintenance fee of $14.25/man/hour will be charged to move tables back to original location or for any maintenance above and beyond normal use. Nailing decorations to park structures is not permitted.
  5. Park grills are designed for charcoal only. It is unlawful to gather and burn wood on County Park property. Personal grills, less than 24" in diameter, may be used. Grills may be used outside the shelter only.
  6. Canopies are only permitted in the Triad Park Vendor Area rented in conjunction with Shelter #1, and must be 10’X10’ or smaller. Erecting tents is always prohibited at all County Parks.
  7. All vehicles must be parked in parking spaces provided. Parking on the grass or alongside roads is prohibited. No camping.
  8. Do not exceed maximum capacity at shelters. Canopies cannot be used to extend maximum capacity. If capacity is exceeded, it overwhelms parking lots, restrooms, etc., and will cause Forsyth County Parks & Rec. to deny users entry into Park as well as deny future reservations.
  9. No commercial or fundraising use of County Parks is permitted with the exception of a rental of Woodland Hall Banquet Facility or with the approval of the County Events Coordinator for a walk or special event. Solicitation is prohibited.
  10. Amplified music/PA systems can be used only at Triad Park Shelters (#1, 4, & 6).
  11. Dunking booths, moonwalks, and other inflatables are only permitted at Triad Park Shelter #1. In addition, Vendor Area must be rented and vendor must provide certificates of insurance six weeks in advance to Forsyth County Parks & Recreation.
  12. The following is not permitted at County Parks: water slides, amusement rides or equipment, petting zoos, pony rides, hot air balloons, helicopters, fireworks, sparklers or unauthorized oversized vehicles. Check with County Events Coordinator for Triad Park for exceptions at Special Events.
  13. Kite flying is allowed in certain areas as designated by park staff, but not over walking paths or other areas as determined by park staff. Hitting golf balls is not permitted in the parks.
  14. Disposal or release of waterfowl, rabbits, or other pets is prohibited at County Parks.
  15. Violation of any of the park rules may result in expulsion with denial of future rental privileges.

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