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Geo-Data Explorer is an interactive GIS (geographic information systems) tool for searching tax records and displaying map information for Forsyth County, N.C.

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Bill search provides users the opportunity to view real estate, individual, and personal property tax bills that have been paid, or unpaid bills that are not currently involved in a past due collection action.


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Frequently Asked Questions for all things Tax. Everything from Collections to Listing, and Registered Motor Vehicles to Combined Tag and Tax together.


Printable forms in the Adobe Acrobat Format. You can find forms needed for many of the areas serviced by the Forsyth County Tax Administration office.

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Tax Administration

Websites Updates as a Result of GeoData Explorer Retirement

By Jacqueline Phillips-Hayes / December 3, 2018

GeoData Explorer will be retired on Dec 31, 2018. The tax information currently on GeoData Explorer will now be housed on two primary web applications: the Tax Parcel Viewer, and the Forsyth Sales App.

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