1. No one under the age of 16 is allowed on pedal boats or dock without an adult.
  2. No boisterous/rough play on the boats or dock.
  3. Do not use the boats as bumper boats.
  4. Each person using a pedal boat must wear a life jacket.
  5. No fishing from the boats.
  6. No switching seat positions while on the pedal boats.
  7. Do not feed animals from the boats.
  8. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the boats.
  9. No swimming is allowed at Mallard Lake.
  10. Every boat renter has to sign a waiver.
  11. No pets allowed on the boats or dock.
  12. Pedal boat capacity is 4 people.
  13. Everyone must be seated in a designated spot on the boat—no one can ride on anyone else’s lap.
  14. Anyone found in violation of any of these rules may be asked to leave Tanglewood Park.
  15. Enjoy your time at Mallard Lake!