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Tanglewoof Dog Park is OPEN Tanglewoof Dog Park is CLOSED
Tanglewoof Dog Park is OPEN*
* Dog Park is currently OPEN (@ Aug 18 2017 9:43PM)
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Tanglewood Park's Aquatic Center Schedule

Published by Jessica Sanders / August 1, 2017

August-September Schedule for the Tanglewood Park Aquatic Center

Parks and Recreation

Conceptual Plan Survey for C.G. Hill Park

Published by Jessica Sanders / July 31, 2017

We are developing a Conceptual Plan for future park development of C.G. Hill.

Parks and Recreation

Monarch Waystation now at Tanglewood Park!

Published by Jessica Sanders / May 9, 2017

We are excited to announce that Tanglewood Park now has a Monarch Waystation.

Parks and Recreation

Tanglewood Arboretum Adult Education

Published by Jessica Sanders / December 9, 2016

Learn more about the 2017 Adult Education Classes at the Tanglewood Park Arboretum

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