• By April W Bowman
  • Posted Monday, November 21, 2022

Do You Have a Cow That You Need to Breed? OR a Bull that Needs a Breeding Soundness Exam (BSE)

Do you have a female bovine (cow or heifer) that you would like to breed, but don't have access to a bull? Or the tools needed for artificial breeding? We are proposing a centralized Artificial Insemination Day to breed cattle for small farmers. Visit https://go.ncsu.edu/cowbreeding to learn more and indicate your interest.

Or, maybe you have a bull. Would you like a Breeding Soundness Exam or BSE performed on your bull, but don't want to pay the vet to test one animal? We are determining the interest in a group BSE day in a centralized location. Visit https://go.ncsu.edu/BSE to learn more and indicate your interest.

Completing the interest forms do NOT obligate you to anything (yet); we are determining how much interest there is and the best time to conduct each venture.

For more information, email, April Bowman, Extension Agent, Livestock, Forages, and 4-H Youth Development at awbowman@ncsu.edu or call 336-703-2855.

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