Library Board of Trustees

  • Donna Staley
    Donna Staley
  •  Juanita Anthony Tatum
    Juanita Anthony Tatum
  • Virginia Boles
    Virginia Boles
  • Diane Greer
    Diane Greer
  • Jerald Holcomb
    Jerald Holcomb
  • Kathleen Sides
    Kathleen Sides
  • Everette Witherspoon Jr.
    Everette Witherspoon Jr.

Director's Advisory Council

Sylvia Sprinkle-Hamlin
    Director of Libraries
Elizabeth Skinner
    Associate Director
    Assistant Director
Yolanda Bolden
    Outreach Services Manager
    Malloy/Jordan Heritage Center Supervisor
Harweda Coe
    Library Computer Services Manager
Sharon Watts
    Administrative Assistant

William H. Roberts III, Library Director Emeritus