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Tax Administration

Notice of Meeting of the 2016 Board of Equalization and Review

By Betty Vettor / May 23, 2016

Notice of Meeting of the 2016 Board of Equalization and Review

Forsyth County

Maps, Maps Everywhere Maps

By Joseph Sloop / May 20, 2016

MapForsyth has been charged with making GIS information available to all via innovative solutions. As such MapForsyth has been producing many web maps that provide information that is interesting and helpful to the public. These web maps can be found at

Commissioners and Manager

Volunteers Encouraged to Apply

By Kim Hepler / May 20, 2016

The Forsyth County Board of Commissioners will consider the following volunteer board appointments at their regular scheduled meeting on July 11, 2016.

Forsyth County

FY 2017 Recommended Budget Presented to Board of Commissioners

By Kyle Wolf / May 16, 2016

On May 13, 2016, County Manager, J. Dudley Watts presented the FY 2016-2017 Recommended Budget to the Board of County Commissioners. The recommended budget continues to maintain service levels while maximizing efficiency.

Public Health

Public Health Associate Program Highlights

By Allison Gollon / May 9, 2016

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) assigns four Public Health Associates to Forsyth County Department of Public Health

Public Health

Vaccine Requirements for Next School Year

By Yalonda Galloway / May 6, 2016

The 2016-2017 school year is fast approaching and children starting Kindergarten or 7th grade will be required to have specific vaccines to protect them from serious diseases. Children new to NC public schools also have new requirements. Read more to learn how you can get your child ready.

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