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Doing homework? Need help finding information? Ask a librarian to get answers fast. The Library is the best place to find the answers to your questions. Here are some helpful websites.

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Featured Database: Oxford Reference: Answers with Authority Bringing together 2 million digitized entries across Oxford’s Dictionaries, Companions and Encyclopedias, Oxford Reference is the premier online reference product, spanning 25 different subject areas.

The Collections: What's Inside?

As you browse through Oxford Reference, you may find results that range from short-entry, general reference to more in-depth articles on specialized subjects.


A core foundation of 135+ academic subject, language, and quotations, dictionaries providing carefully vetted, trusted short-entry content. Best For: Checking a fact or finding key, trusted information on a person, concept, or term.


200+ in-depth, specialized titles from Oxford’s award-winning Encyclopedias and Companions, and a selection of partner publishers’ scholarly works. Best For: Conducting more comprehensive research on a specific topic, drawing from in-depth articles.