Wastewater / Septic Frequently Asked Questions

QHow do I get my land checked for a building site that requires a septic tank and/or well?
AFill out the necessary county application in its entirety. The specialist will then visit the lot, evaluate the soil characteristics, and determine the suitability of the relevant parameters and either approve or disapprove the lot. Fees are variable, dependent upon the size of the lot in question. Top
QIf my land is turned down as a building site, can I appeal that decision?
AYou may appeal a denial of an improvement permit informally to the supervisor of the Water and Wastewater Section or formally to the NC Office of Administrative Hearings. There is no fee for an appeal. Top
QHow can I file a complaint about a failing septic system?
AContact the Environmental Health Division, where the call will be referred to the designated specialist who will follow up with the complaint in a timely manner. Top
QHow can I obtain a copy of the drawing showing the location of my septic tank lines?
AIt is best to call the Division of Environmental Health at (336) 703-3225 to request a copy of the drawing showing the location of your septic system. You must provide the following information so we can locate the drawing of your system:
  • Year the septic tank was installed or repaired
  • Address of the property including the name of the closest main road and the closest intersection
  • If the property is in a subdivision, provide the name of the subdivision.
  • Tax Lot and Block Number
  • If the house is more than 20 years old, please provide directions to the house. Once the drawing is located, we can mail a copy to you.

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