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Synopsis and Discussion

Despite the chilly and rainy conditions that have hampered the Triad all day, air quality levels have held steady in the lower Code YELLOW range. Elevated particulate matter concentrations are likely resulting from particles being trapped close to the surface under the wedge of cold air that has blanketed the region. A warm front currently situated in South Carolina will attempt to move northward into NC tomorrow, though it remains to be seen how far north it will progress. Regardless, air quality levels will likely begin to trend downward and drop into the upper Code GREEN range. Drier weather will likely persist through most of the morning on Wednesday, but chances of rain increase by the afternoon as an area of low pressure moves in from the southwest to keep air quality levels Code GREEN. Wet weather will persist into Thursday morning before cold high pressure builds in from the northwest the rest of the day to drop air quality levels into the low to middle Code GREEN range. (Payne)

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Air Monitoring Data

The Forsyth County Office of Environmental Assistance and Protection is making data available from the county's air monitoring network as a public service. These data represent the hourly data set from all of the sites within this network. Data from Triad sites outside of Forsyth County are collected by the North Carolina Division of Air Quality.


Disclaimer: The Forsyth County Office of Environmental Assistance and Protection posts this information using the first available data from our air quality monitoring network. No quality control review has been performed on this data, and the final results are subject to change after completion of standard quality assurance review and validation procedures.

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