Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat type of food service facility is regulated by the Health Department?
AWe regulate any food service establishment that prepares and serves food to the public for sale.  This includes all restaurants, food stands and temporary food events (TFE).Top
QWhat constitutes a food stand?
AA food stand is any food service establishment that prepares or serves food but does not provide seating facilities for customers while eating or drinking.  This would include meat, produce and seafood markets as well as deli’s in grocery stores.Top
QHow do I file a complaint about a restaurant and/or a possible food related illness?
ACall the Environmental Health Division, where the call will be referred to the designated specialist who will in turn, investigate the complaint as soon as possible. Top
QHow do I get a permit to operate a food service establishment?
AContact the Plan Review Specialist with the Environmental Health Division for forms and relevant information.Top
QWhat is the first step to opening a food service establishment?
AYou would first need to fill out a Plan Review Application and submit it to the Health Department for review and approval.Top
QI want to sell food at a street festival or fair. Do I need a permit?
AA permit is usually required any time food is prepared and sold to the public. If you will be selling food at a fair, carnival or public exhibition such as a street festival, the event organizer must submit a permit application and each food vendor must submit an application to the health department. These applications must be submitted to the health department at least 30 days prior to the event. For further information and permit applications contact the Division of Environmental Health at (336) 703-3225. If you wish to sell food from a mobile unit or a push cart, please contact the Division of Environmental Health for specific information and permit applications for mobile food units and push carts. Top
QWhat can the health department do regarding rodent control?
AThe Environmental Health Division investigates complaints relating to rodents in facilities that are regulated by the Division such as restaurant and motels. The Division will also investigate incidence of rat bites to humans. If you have a rodent problem at your home or place of business, you will have to contact a private pest control company for treatment of the property. Top

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