Special Assistance/In Home (SA/IH) program provides additional income to adults who meet the criteria. These adults have been determined by a doctor to need domiciliary (e.g., adult care home, assisted living, family care home, rest home) level of care. Through this program these adults would be able to remain in their homes provided they are safe and the additional monies are sufficient to meet the needs. The SA/IH payment can be used to pay for services that would then stabilize the adults’ home environment. The program can be used to pay for: needed household repairs, utility expenses, respite, groceries, medical supplies, clothing, rent/mortgage, transportation, etc.

How Would I Qualify For SA/IH?

  • Be a Forsyth County resident
  • Have a completed FL-2 specifying domiciliary level of care but desire to live in a private living setting.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or qualified alien
  • Meet income and asset requirements
  • Fully qualify for Medicaid
  • Meet all other Special Assistance eligibility requirements

How Would I Inquire About This Program?

Contact a Special Assistance Worker or Adult Services Intake (336) 703-3501.

Where Would I Apply?

You may apply for the Special Assistance In-Home Program at the Department of Social Services.