The Logistics section of Forsyth County Emergency Services provides a variety of services that allow the front end workings of the agency to function with equipment, uniforms, fleet, supplies and logistical planning. It is currently staffed with a Logistics Officer who coordinates both the administrative duties as well as hands on workings of all aspects of Logistics. In addition, there are two full time Equipment Technicians that perform the day to day functions as well as specialty tasks for all scheduled events and any unscheduled or emergent issues. Logistics coordinates all things within the agency that require support to Operations, Training and Administration in both of the EMS and Fire Divisions. The use of multiple programs for streamlined reporting, disposable purchasing and deployment, uniform purchasing and deployment, preventable maintenance, repairs and inspections and purchase and upkeep of all equipment play a part in the daily workings of Logistics and are utilized by all members of the team. In addition to in house support, Logistics works closely with all of the local fire departments, hospitals, law enforcement agencies and other departments within the county that require medical equipment/supplies. The Logistics Officer also works closely with all other administrative officers to plan for future needs of the county residents and the budgetary requirements associated with those needs. Logistics keeps up to date with information to comply with all local, state and federal guidelines to continue to make the agency a frontrunner in both excellent care of the residents and visitors to the county as well as to insure safety to staff and patients.