The Forsyth County Emergency Services Bike Team is responsible for providing rapid medical response in congested areas where an ambulance would be delayed due to high traffic, large crowds, and restricted access. With the capabilities to all types of terrain in the area, the bike team is utilized in parks, large parking lots, congested downtown events, and local 5K’s or other road races.

The Forsyth County Emergency Services Bike Team utilizes a Trek mountain bike that is specifically designed for public safety use and can deploy up to five teams/10 bikes at an event. From Basic Life Support to Advanced Life Support, our bike team is adaptable to any event and situation. The bikes and equipment are stored in an enclosed trailer that can be transported anywhere in the county, for any event.

Emergency Medical Services bike teams have been in existence since the 1980’s. There are reported to be over 300 EMS bike teams across the country today. EMS bike teams are one of the most effective public relations and education tools used in EMS today. Children and adults alike are much more likely to approach Paramedics on bikes than those stationed in a transport unit. Public recognition and acceptance has been tremendous. The most important benefit of a bike team is reduced response times. At events, such as the Wake Forest Football games and downtown festivals, the Forsyth County Emergency Services Bike Teams routinely make patient contact in less than two minutes after receiving a call.