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Public Health

Mobile Safety Tips When Using Wifi

By Yalonda Galloway / June 20, 2016

Do you plan to use WiFi at our Agency? Read more to learn how to keep your information safe.

Public Health

Your Personal Health Information Matters

By Yalonda Galloway / June 13, 2016

Your Personal Health Information (PHI) is Important to Us! Read more to learn about what's protected.

Forsyth County

Medical Records are available at the Public Health Department

By Yalonda Galloway / June 7, 2016

Need a copy of your medical records? You can get them for a small fee at the Forsyth County Department of Public Health. Read more for a list of fees.

Public Health

Public Health can help with your vital record needs

By Yalonda Galloway / June 3, 2016

Did you recently deliver your baby and need a birth certificate or have questions about your loved ones death certificate? Vital Records with the Forsyth County Department of Public Health can help!

Public Health

Do You Have Zika Concerns?

By Yalonda Galloway / March 3, 2016

Zika virus is transmitted through the bite of an infectious mosquito, although cases of transmission through sexual contact and blood transfusion have also been reported. Symptoms can include rash, red eyes, fever and joint pain. Please see the links and resources below for more information.

Public Health

Los cambios de precios del Departamento de Salud entrara en vigor el 1 de julio 2015

By Yalonda Galloway / June 24, 2015

Los cambios de tarifa del Departamento de Salud entrarĂ¡ en vigor el 01 de julio 2015