Care Management for High Risk Pregnancies

Care Management for High Risk Pregnancies (CMHRP), previously Pregnancy Care Management, is a statewide Medicaid program in North Carolina promoting healthy mothers and healthy babies. This program provides care management services by a social worker or registered nurse for high risk women during pregnancy and for two months after delivery.

Services Offered

  • Going over your prenatal care provider's plan for a health pregnancy
  • Helping you manage any medicines that you may be taking
  • Helping arrange transportation to medical appointments, if needed
  • Referring you to other programs like childbirth or breastfeeding education classes, parenting and baby safety
  • Answering your questions

Your care manager will work closely with you and your prenatal care provider to meet your needs during your pregnancy. Your care manager can talk with you on the phone, meet you at your prenatal visits, or meet you at your home or at any other location.


If you have certain conditions you may qualify for Pregnancy Care Management services. Some examples include:

  • History of pre-term birth
  • History of low birth weights
  • Multiple gestations
  • Fetal complications
  • Chronic conditions that may complicate pregnancy
  • Tobacco or substance abuse
  • Physician request for care management assessment

Contact Carolyn Moolhuyzen, Care Management Team Leader, 336-703-3243


Pregnancy Care Info.

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